Eric Deyo (edeyo) wrote in hmc_ie120,
Eric Deyo

Body Image Comes from Southern CA

The fact that Southern California has places like Venice beach, where people lift wieghts and display their physiques simply to be seen shows the basically spurious nature of the California body image. Up until the 50's, there was no such thing as modern body-building, but that changed when people like Reg Park, who came from S. California, concieved of the idea that a body should look good, though not necessarily function well. Before these people, the only reason to lift weights, or excercise was to improve performance in sports. I find it sad that most of the people I see in the weight room are obviously there to look good, rather that to improve their physical performance. I have tasted the so-called healthy california cuisine, and have decided that it too is a sort of fake cuisine, whose only purpose is to look as healthy as possible, without any respect for the taste.

I am not from southern california, so the only thing which surprised me about southern california is how much the healthy-image-conscious society has spread to the rest of the nation. In Salt Lake City, or Seattle, people are exactly the same, and try to exude an image of stylish healthiness, by eating the exact same foods as Califorians, or wandering around in gym clothing, just like in Southern California. I figure this is because everyone watches the same television programs, and they were made in S. California.
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