Heather (hlane) wrote in hmc_ie120,

Californians think healthy not live healthy

Is California portrayed accurately in the media? Sure, as accurately as the media portrays anything. A key part of entertainment and advertising is exaggeration. So the overly health conscious, perhaps health obsessive, image of California may be over t he top but the basis of the generalization is true. Californians want to be health aware. (That could be said of many places in the US)

Repeatedly in my research for this course it has come up that the health food, exercise, lifestyle kick originated i n the west. Some say it started in Southern California specifically. And while I agree that the trend is reinforced by TV and movies I dont think this attitude can be attributed only to the media. It comes from Californians, if it didnt then the media w ouldn't cater to it.

I dont think Californians pick up the health craze because the media feeds it to them. It genuinely is part of the community and the media and other industries use that to make money. The question about whether this actually cont ributes to a healthier California is the real issue. And my answer is no.

The big business being generated by the healthy living atmosphere puts lots of inaccurate information out there. But even if it were all true it wouldnt change the fact that mos t people are too lazy to put the effort into being healthy. Healthy is just an image, a talk, a walk, a business card. It is not something really achieved by most of the people selling it or buying it.

One of the few positive things to come from people trying to capitalize on the trend is that money is dedicated to finding the next best thing, and innovation and research for health purposes cant be a bad thing.
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