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Posting....why not?

So I'm not too sure if we needed to post this week, but one more can't kill me. I already posted on last week's topic so Fast Food it is. I thumbed back thru the fast food readings that i read way back when and there was one story that stuck out in my memory more than the others. The Carl's Jr. story.

I think it stuck with me the most because it illustrates how times have changed. Originally these places had simple beginnings, a guy with a hot dog cart, or the two brother's that couldn't deal with punk teenagers anymore. It adds some fun and some humanity to the fast food wars to know they had people and not logos running them at one point.

Everything is now owned by Disneyland. And even though Carl Karcher fought to get what he started back, it is nothing like where he began. The story the rest of the book paints of today's fast food business is a far cry from its Humble So Cal beginnings. And despite being better informed now about the evils of fast food I still know that it is 11:13 and I have plenty of time to get to In & Out and I still intend to go. And if I miss that one, Gag in the Bag has 24 hr drive thru.
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