Tonya Icenogle (ticenogle) wrote in hmc_ie120,
Tonya Icenogle

Trends Start Here

Of course image is stressed in California. Basically California is the starting place for a lot of trends. Everyone wants to mimic the lifestyle of Californias. Part of that comes from the movie industry in Southern California. Movies start popular trends and really define pop culture. So Southern California sets the standards and ideals for people today. Now lets look at this in terms of food.

Organic food kick and health food kick definetly got the jump start from Californians. Now why is that? Well as we've all discussed before, people in Southern California are very concerned with image. Now whether it's material objects, like cars and clothes, or body image does not matter in the culture of California, because really you have to have it all. So a pretty face and nice body will get you far in Los Angeles. That is why people are so concerned with image, because really this town is based on image if you look at it from the stand point of Hollywood. Part of the whole allure to coming to California is to see this imaged based society in action, see all the beautiful people as it were.

Thus there is really no surpris that health foods are popular in this area. Even more so now smoothies, because really everyone is watching their weight because as the saying goes the camera adds ten pounds. So I am not surprised at all with the big boom in smoothie locations in the area.
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